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 Surveying Your Customers

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PostSubject: Surveying Your Customers   Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:58 pm

Hey Gang,

Having started in a new category I've been wondering about what my customers tastes were and how they were responding to my shop. Having 7 days worth of sales history built up I set up a simple survey to see how they would respond. I mailed it out to about 75 users. So far (within 4 hours) 5 have responded. I'll post the results from my analysis here in a couple of weeks when I will hopefully have a good database built up to draw from.

I decided to keep my survey short to encourage full completion and attempted to keep neutral wording throughout. They're all multiple choice, which, while it discourages unique response, gives me the information I'm looking for. I avoided questions about the layout and such as I can generally gather that from what was bought and how many.

The survey, exactly as I copy and paste it into the neomail, is as follows:

Quote :
Hi there, I noted that you recently bought from the Grooming shop of the Phoenix Feather Mall. I was hoping you would answer 7 quick and easy survey questions.

1. What was the purpose of your purchase?
a. Air Faerie Quest
b. Wanted to groom my pet

2. What did you think of the price you paid for your item?
a. Too high
b. Just right
c. It was a bargain!

3. Would you return to my shop for future quests?
a. Yes
b. No

4. Did you bookmark my shop?
a. Yes
b. No

5. Do you buy non-quest items to groom your pets?
a. Yes
b. No

6. How often do you play Neopets?
a. 6-7 times a week
b. 3-5 times a week
c. <3 times a week

7. How often do you complete faerie quests?
a. Always
b. Sometimes, if they’re cheap
c. Rarely
d. Never

I think I'll tack on the end asking for more detailed feedback in an extra comments. But so far, while the questions are relatively simple and rather general, it seems easy enough to fill out. Just abaabac kind of things come back which I can put in and look at later. I'm also planning on recording information on the demographics of my respondees. Basically, gender and age of account really.

In the future I'll csonider asking maybe how much they would spendo n an item etc, but that is probably evident from their answer to question 2 and what they bought, which I will also be recording.

Any thoughts on this survey and any past experience or attempts you all wish to try now are more than welcome here!
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PostSubject: Re: Surveying Your Customers   Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:00 pm

I have a few things to finish up tonight, but I'll post a quick draft response for you.

* Nice idea! Feedback from the mysterious depths of our customers' minds! Can't be bad!

* Tracking demographics concerns me. I need to think about this more.

* I got lots of neomail feedback when I ran Clothing & Grooming. I'll share with you in a coherent post tomorrow if I can.

* I would shy away from areas you don't want to draw attention to. Prices, for instance, and the idea that Faerie Quests are optional.

more later ... Looking forward to this discussion!
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PostSubject: Re: Surveying Your Customers   Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:30 am

Interesting. You can use the information that you gain to shape how you word things on the banner.

There might be a difference in the kind of player that responds to your survey and those who don't. Looking forward to hearing the results. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Surveying Your Customers   Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:22 pm

A little check up on this. I've mailed probably close to 400 customers and heard back from 50. Assuming the number of customers I've mailed is accurate (I don't record it as I find it to be a redundant exercise) to about +/- 100 I'm hearing back from about 1/6 to 1/10 people. This sounds pretty low but I'm sure compared to the realworld phone solicitor, mail in surveys it's a fair bit higher. I haven't done any quantitative analysis yet but some observations and things I've mulled over are:

*A number of the people I'm hearing from are commenting this is the first time they've been contacted and that they're glad to be involved. It makes them feel special, this probably can't hurt.
*Not a ton of people have book marked my shop but more than I expected have. I think my mail is, at the least, encouraging people to look at my shop again and some of the respondees have commented No, I haven't bookmarked it, but I have now
*A lot of people say that they would visit my shop again, but not all of them are bookmarking it
*The vast majority of the respondees, and likely my customers, are female
*The price feedback has been, generally, that it's "Just right". However, surveying people who have bought from my shop already may not be the most effective way to judge this. That said, even people who say that the price was too high say they would return
*There's a large smattering of who buys from malls for their quests at least. Everything from newbies to 8 1/2 year accounts seem to, with a fairly even distribution between <3 months, 3-12 Months and >12 months. These arbitrarily defined categories are based on my judgement of how long people would stick with the game for and that active users would probably be distributed within a 10% variance between those categories.

I've also taken to mailing the respondents saying that I appreciate their feedback and that we have a new special (of late an expanded stock) going on.I hear back from 1/6 of these people, I don't know if its made a dent on my sales yet but it hasn't hurt as no one has responded in an upset manner.

I think I'll send off a last batch of mail then look into a qualitative analysis of these numbers. I wonder, like Zoro suggested, what the difference is in character between someone who responds and someone who doesn't...I guess that just a source of error for the survey.

I've recorded no usernames throughout this process and haven't correlated purchases with respondents, which, in hindsight, may have been helpful but on such a large scale probably not worthwhile.

I'd be curious to compare the entire mall's shop history and see how many users buy from multiple shops and if there is any interesting correlation between who buys what where...that's a lot of work and a huge group collaborative effort that is beginning to feel like a nightmare just suggesting it.
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PostSubject: Re: Surveying Your Customers   Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:55 pm

It wouldn't be such a night mare to do, as long as we were happy to start now. At my old mall we c&ped our sales history into our individual sales threads. Of course those threads got very long, but we used to be able to see how many customers were shopping across the mall, those who kept coming back etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Surveying Your Customers   

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Surveying Your Customers
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