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 The Walrus Was Paul!

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PostSubject: The Walrus Was Paul!   Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:39 pm

:O, the Beatles song Glass Onion for the White Album...

....I may have lost it...but I think our post needs to have something to do with this....

....*exits stage left*

So....I was wrong about the Walrus thing I think,


I've dug deeper

We Remember Egg's

red Colored Header

And then his none too subtle hints about small text being significant:

*Sigh* well, i suppose i'll have to give you some more help. so can you find a title of a movie around here somewhere? do you know where to post it?

And From REF: Everclear the song Unemployed Boyfriend

appears in the movie

American Movie

And the great tragedy is I cannot stream his movie that he has placed in his post there...alas.

Maybe I should add a video of something here...
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The Walrus Was Paul!
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