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 My Goals and Their Feasibility

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PostSubject: My Goals and Their Feasibility   Sun Sep 28, 2008 12:16 am

Hi all,
I've been looking at upgrading my shop and I am hoping to make it to Spooky by Christmas. Thats about 90 Days, and 7+ Mill including stock. Now at the moment I'm happy with my layout, though I might look at stocking more WC maps so really all I would be doing on the way there is increasing stock quantity, which probably won't make a big impact along the way (it;s not reasonable to expect sales to increase without moving up into a market or huts is it?). So I am looking at moving sometime down the road in a big jump (I will be upgrading along the way because I don't want to feel like an anchor to the rest of you), The figures look somewhat like this: Bank cash, only about 350k. Retired items: 1.5 mill+ depending on the day (I'm trying to put my neopoints to work along the way), stock: not a whole lot, I'm rebuilding my portfolio. But I have probably a total of at least 2 mill on hand (if I were in a rush to sell at least) So I need about 5.5 million to just make it there. Going with that I need to make about 62,ooo np a day but I'm currently averaging 32k. So somewhere the numbers aren't adding up. However my numbers are picking up after making changes suggested in the secret shopper report, so I'm curious to see how it will go from here.

So my question is really, can I realistically make it by Christmas or New Years (Do sales increase significantly enough from here to there make the cash solely through malling?)? I realize that this will also mean I walk right into the spring slumps which are inexorably painful, but I've no experience with that yet.
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PostSubject: Re: My Goals and Their Feasibility   Sun Sep 28, 2008 12:35 am

My advice would be not to use all your available nps on soley upgrading in one huge burst. Realistically your reaching spooky isn't going to be all that much of a boost to mall exposure (I don't feel that my place in the high Island huts even gives that much exposure). I feel that the best way you and doyler can serve the mall is if you continue to enjoy malling and stay with the group for the long term. Spending a lot of nps in a lump and then seeing little advantage to such a big outlay can be draining and cause you to rethink malling for a while (it happened to me).

Upgrade with your stock or perhaps spending around half to 2/3 of your profits on gradually building up to a marketplace. If this still leaves you short of a marketplace by Christmas don't worry too much. Sales then are good but nothing compared to the summer break by which you should have reached spooky by upgrading with your profits.
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My Goals and Their Feasibility
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