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 Phoenix Feather Mall Rules

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PostSubject: Phoenix Feather Mall Rules   Phoenix Feather Mall Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 4:26 pm

1. This mall is based on mutual cooperation. Respect your fellow mallers! Be courteous at all times. In the case of a dispute with another member, privately contact mall leadership (eggwalterpunkone) and we will work to find an agreeable solution if possible.

2. Decision making: Because this is a community effort, the group will be asked for input on major decisions such as recruitment or new mall policies. Although mall leadership has the final say, we strive to reach a group consensus whenever possible. [see FAQ]

3. Mall banner- the mall banner shall be in your shop at all times. Banner code updates will be posted on the forums from time to time. (Members will be notified by neomail when a new code has been posted.) Please try to update within a few days of a banner change.

4. Supplemental banners- upon joining the mall, a top banner for your categories will be provided. You may request supplemental banners to advertise specific items, or create them yourself, but please keep it reasonable. Shoppers may not wish to scroll through pages of banners, and we would like to keep our shops usable for people who are on dial-up connections.

5. Crossover- items out of your category that do not belong to any established button category may be stocked by anyone, provided that they do not dominate the shop or otherwise detract from the shop's in-category stock.

Items in categories belonging to other members may be stocked in small numbers at low wiz prices. Please try to price them to sell within a couple of hours. If you have large quantities of a single item to unload, consider using the Trading Post, or finding a bulk buyer. You may also offer items in bulk to the person in the mall who stocks them. [see FAQ]

6. This should be common sense- don't have links to any shops outside of the mall.

7. Absences- please post in the appropriate thread if you're going to be away from Neo for more than seven days. Otherwise we might start wondering what happened to you. Wink (Feel free to post shorter departures as well.) We will seek a temporary or permanent replacement for any shop whose owner has not logged in for more than three weeks without giving warning prior to the absence.

8. Growth- we have no minimum growth requirements, but encourage all non-Main members to reach Main as soon as possible. Since the marketplace is our primary method of bringing people into our shops, Main Market members are encouraged to upgrade periodically to maintain hut positioning. A list of preferred huts is available on the forum, but any hut top will draw sales! Members can also keep an eye on shops in lower huts and change markets to 'bump' another mall member into a good spot.

9. Dues- unlike many malls, Phoenix Feather Mall collects no fees. We may run noticeboard ads at some point in the future, but if so, participation will be entirely voluntary.

10. Joining the mall- Since we do have a community aspect as well as a business one, we have a somewhat unorthodox method of joining. Prospective members will generally be asked to introduce themselves on our forums and tell us a little bit about themselves before final approval. You'll have a chance to look around and decide if you like what you see, and we'll make sure our goals are compatible. Smile

11. Departures- if you need to resign, please give adequate notice before leaving so we can find a replacement. One week at the absolute minimum, two or more is ideal.

12. The forum is the main meeting place, and form of communication for mall members. We expect members to check in regularly, and to participate in discussions and decisions. Important or urgent messages will be posted at the forum occasionally and will be brought to your attention via neomail.

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Phoenix Feather Mall Rules
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